Of Collaborations Loved and Lost

Confessions of a Medical Educator

I thought we had something special,

You and I.

I thought we had a connection.
We communicated by email.
We talked on the phone.
We arranged to meet in person,
We clicked.
It worked.

I thought we would do great things together,

You and I.

I thought you were the one.
You said, “Follow up.”
You said, “Get back to me next week.”
You were excited to work together.
So I did.
I emailed.

No response.

“That’s OK,” I thought to myself.
I was sure you were busy.
I’ll just wait a-while longer,
I told my laptop.
And I did.
I waited.
Another week.

No response.

“Hey,” I emailed to you,
“My email’s been on the fritz.
Wanted to make sure
you got my note.
Let me know,
if you did.

No response.

Did I do something wrong?
I wondered,
Did I misspeak?
What wrong have I done…

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About dreandea

Senior Education Manager at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer who loves singing, traveling, reading, breathing, the arts, cats, and Wisconsin.
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