Happy Birthday, Fran!

My dear Fran turned 100 today. Well, 100k, that is. She has always been a thoughtful companion – even now, on her day, she waited until we were at a stop sign to turn to six digits, knowing I was waiting with my camera in hand to capture the moment. She’s always looking out for my safety like that.

As I celebrate with her today, I realize the challenges we will face ahead. I can only hope she doesn’t suddenly phase into a midlife crisis. We’ve got a lot of road ahead of us and she has parts yet that many cars would kill for. Yet every auto mechanic will now lie to her and tell her she’s old or needs surgery. They will tell her she isn’t good enough and just can’t possibly compare to the newer models. It’s a cruel world out there and she will have to stay strong. Now it’s my turn to be there for her, to squash these insecurities before they even have a chance to settle in. We’re in this together, Franny.

Looking forward to taking your 200k picture someday… somewhere safe, I’m sure. Image

About dreandea

Senior Education Manager at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer who loves singing, traveling, reading, breathing, the arts, cats, and Wisconsin.
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